About Blender Depot

Tell me about it...

Blender Depot is a project aimed to bring Blender resources in a single platform and making it really easy to import inside Blender. Currently, it lists Blender addons from GitHub with future possibility to list addons from other sources. The platform seeks to be highly accessible to artists by allowing them to find and use what the community has created under a single roof.

So how does it work?

The process is really simple. You start by browsing the platform and adding addons you need in a box (similar to a shopping cart). Once you are done, download the package file generated. By using the companion Blender Depot Importer addon , import the package file inside Blender. The importer will do some tricks and fetch the addons in the package, and install them directly inside Blender.

Is there a team behind this project?

Blender Depot is a personal project by me - Akash Hamirwasia. I like creating Blender addons and product development in general. I noticed that there's not a unified platform where artists can find cool addons that the community has created. It is generally through some YouTube videos or blogs that they get to know about something cool. Moreover, the process of manually installing each addon is tedious. This is what I am trying to solve through this platform.
As this is a side project, I would love if you could leave feedback about this platform.

I don't see my addon here!

Since the addons are listed from GitHub, you can make the following checks so that your addon shows up in this platform:

  • Make sure you have your addon on GitHub.
  • The description includes keywords such as Blender, addon, etc.
  • The master branch always has the latest stable version of addon known.
  • A good README always helps!

Can I help?

I would love if you would help in improving this project. The most useful help right now would be your suggestions and improvements for this platform.

Right now, the Blender Depot Importer addon is open source , so I would love to see your contributions to it :)

Blender 2.80?

The Blender Depot Importer addon works with both 2.7x and 2.8x versions of Blender. However, not all addons in the platform are compatible with Blender 2.8x. Some of the code repositories have a separate branch for the development of 2.8x version of their addon. The importer addon will make sure that only compatible Blender addons are installed in your version of Blender.

That's great

Let's start using Blender Depot

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